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St. Seraphim Day, Bishop Daniel, 01/02/2018

Sunday after Theophany, Fr. Lawrence, 01/07/2018

Blind Man (Luke 18), Deacon Nicholas Carr, 01/14/2018

Zacchaeus Sunday, Fr. Ilya Gotlinski, 01/21/2018

Parable of the Tax Collector and the Pharisee, Fr Lawrence Margitich, 01/28/2017

Feast of the Meeting of the Lord in the Temple, Fr. John Schettig, 02/02/2018

Parable of the Prodigal Son, Fr. Peter Robicheau, 02/04/2018

Sunday of the Last Judgment, Fr. Lawrence, 02/11/2018

Forgiveness Sunday, Deacon Nicholas, 02/18/2018

Sunday of Orthodoxy, Bishop Daniel, 02/25/2018

Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas, Father Seraphim (Aldea), 03/04/2018

Third Sunday of Lent, Sunday of the Cross, Father Lawrence Margitich, 03/11/2018

Fourth Sunday of Lent, Father Lawrence Margitich, 03/18/2018

Fifth Sunday of Lent, Feast of Annunciation, Father John Schettig, 03/25/2018

Palm Sunday, Father James Jorgensen, 04/01/2018

Agape Vespers, Father Lawrence Margitich, 04/08/2018

Thomas Sunday, Deacon Nicholas Carr, 04/15/2018

Sunday of the Myrrhbearing Women, Fr. Peter Robicheau, 04/22/2018

Sunday of the Paralytic, Fr. John Schettig, 04/29/2018

Sunday of the Samaritan Woman, Fr. Lawrence Margitich, 05/06/2018

Sunday of the Blind Man, Father James Jorgensen, 05/13/2018

Sunday of the Holy Fathers, after Ascension, Fr Deacon Nicholas Carr, 05/20/2018

Sunday of Pentecost, Fr. Lawrence Margitich, 05/27/2018

Sunday after Pentecost, All Saints, Fr Lawrence Margitich, 06/03/2018

Second Sunday after Pentecost, Calling of the Apostles, Fr. James Jorgensen, 06/10/2018

Third Sunday after Pentecost, Anxiety and the Christian, Fr. Lawrence, 06/17/2018

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, and Nativity of St. John, Fr. Deacon Nicholas Carr, 06/24/2018

Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, Fr. Peter Fermiglia, 06/29/2018

Fifth Sunday after Pentecost, Demoniac and the Swine, Fr. John Schettig, 07/01/2018

Vespers Homily—On the consolations from God, Archbishop Alexander of Dallas, 07/07/2018

Sixth Sunday after Pentecost, Healing of the Paralyzed Man, Fr. Peter Fermiglia, 07/08/2018

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, Healing of the Blind Man, Fr. Peter Robicheau, 07/15/2018

Feast of St. Seraphim of Sarov, Fr. John Schettig, 07/19/2018

Eighth Sunday after Pentecost, Mulitiplication of the Loaves, Fr. James Jorgensen, 07/22/2018

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost, Walking on Water, Children's Sermon, Fr. Lawrence Margitich, 07/29/2018

Tenth Sunday after Pentecost, On the Four Pillars, Alexander Norton, 08/05/2018

Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost, On Forgiveness, Fr. Peter Fermiglia, 08/12/2018

Dormition of the Theotokos, Fr. John Schettig, 08/15/2018




    5 PM, Great Vespers or Vigil, as posted (preceeded and followed by Confessions)

    9:40 AM, 3rd and 6th Hours 
    10 AM, Divine Liturgy
    Noon, Agape Meal

    6 PM, Vespers